Jan 5, 2008

Sarkosy at Disneyland

Is Sarkosy perceived as an American by-product? This visual seems to indicate so. Gilles Dupuis, a French graphic designer -- I got to discover online, sent me yesterday, this amusing illustration of Sarko impersonated in Mickey Mouse. He looks funny but, I think, it reflects well the French president’s dynamism; I sensed Sarkosy’s punch, felt he’s about to jump out of the picture. However, I think Dupuis’s message is unmistakable and manages to convey the idea of Sarkosy being an American fan. Substituting and tampering such recognisable icons are common satiric conceits. And this one does mirror a dominant feel among the French people, of Sarkosy being clearly pro Bush; as Mickey, the French president definitely looks like a devotee to the American cowboy, a sentiment that hasn’t made the French particularly enthusiastic about it. Dupuis used this graphic icon to send the message that receivers, as well as creators, of graphic messages have a responsibility to seek out the truth - Since the Vietnam war, corporate logos and and manifold symbols have been target of indignation and outrage (for the morally questionable implications and acts). Click here to check out likewise sampled trademarks. This visual is eerily resonant and it surely has a character; it makes me smile each time I look at it, and I have the feeling that Nicolas is about to bring some good entertainment to France. Hell yes, Allez Sarko! France needs some peps; it needs someone to erase the dull image that has been sticking on the hexagon’s back, for a while now. It’s time to PUMP IT UP! Dupuis’s graphic works are mostly imprint with social awareness and extreme wit and lightness. It speaks about stuff that matter with no pompous tone; he never appears like someone dictating moral behaviour; rather, his graphic minimalism makes you pause and meditate substantial social issues on a twisted 'musical' tone but great awareness. Ma Boule is simply charmed! I LIKE & LAUGH... Merci Gilles :0)

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