Jul 18, 2009

We are all NEDA

With every powerful people's movement for change, a symbol emerges--an image that can change the world. For the Iranian democracy movement, that image is of Neda, the 26 year old Iranian young woman struck down by a bullet to the heart.
Order a shirt. Proceeds will go to support projects that enable Iranians to freely access the internet.

Aung San Suu - Freedom to Lead

This Human Rights cause "Democracy In Burma" is something Shepard Fairey believe in strongly. He created this portrait of Aung San Suu Kyi to raise awareness of her situation and the overall situation in Burma.
To learn more go to www.uscampaignforburma.org and www.humanrightsactioncenter.org

Jul 5, 2009

abusing our votes

abusing our votes Originally uploaded by A1one

Graffiti work-- I love--from Iran; by A1one

where is my vote?

where is my vote? art on wall Originally uploaded by A1one

Art on wall by Iranian street artist, the one & only A10ne.

~ Ewww..... (cool) ~

~ Ewww..... (cool) ~
Originally uploaded by ViaMoi

A kick ass critter shot by a brilliant photographer living in Canada who goes by the name viaMoi. His work can be viewed on Flickr. Jaw-dropping stuff, truly!!

May 14, 2009

La' lil Taefiyat

Originally uploaded by Sugarpoppy

Graffiti made in Lebanon that call for wisdom and aims to generate awareness about religious sectarianism and the wrong use of religious matters for political purposes...This is what street art should be all about...Conveying food for thought, tagging it on the walls, bombing it in the minds...Hoping to blow up & renew spirits...

May 13, 2009

Arabic Tags

Arabic Tags
Originally uploaded by Sugarpoppy

Graffiti made in Beirut...Good stuff worth viewing...

Mar 21, 2009

Son of la Niña de Gibraltar

Just finished watching for the eon time "Corto Maltese: La Cour secrète des Arcanes," based on the Pratt novel "Corto Maltese in Siberia;" also finished watching the 3 dvds of Corto Maltese adventures for television, produced by Canal+, adapting the stories 'La Ballade de la mer salée,' 'Sous le signe du Capricorne,' 'Les Celtiques and La Maison dorée de Samarkand.'
Corto is one of my favourite heroes of all time...
Corto Maltese is a sailor-adventurer, with a somehow complex character, born in 1887, son of a British sailor and a gypsy Andalusian prostitute, known as "La Niña de Gibraltar."
It was created by Italian comic book creator Hugo Pratt in 1967.
The Corto Maltese series has been translated into many languages. Stories range from straight historical adventure stories to occult dream sequences.
As a boy growing up in the Jewish quarter of Córdoba, Maltese realised he had no fate line on his palm and therefore carved his own with a razor, determining that his fate was his to choose. Although maintaining a neutral pose, Corto instinctively supports the disadvantaged and oppressed.
The character embodies the author's skepticism of national, ideological, and religious assertions. Corto befriends people from all walks of life, including the murderous Russian Rasputin. He also knows and meets various historical figures, including Jack London, Ernest Hemingway, Herman Hesse, Butch Cassidy. His acquaintances treat him with great respect, as when a telephone call to Joseph Stalin frees him from arrest when he is threatened with execution on the border of Turkey and Armenia.
Corto's favourite reading is 'Utopia' by Thomas More, but he never finished it. His name is said to be possibly derived from the Venetian Courtyard of the Maltese.
A must see, watch, read; also, check out the new --& old-- posters made available for sale here
In 'Gli Scorpioni del Deserto' (The Desert Scorpions), Corto Maltese is described as disappearing in Spain during the Spanish Civil War.

Mar 20, 2009

Visual Dialogue

I have loads to say to some of the people I know who have been hanging around me for a while now; can't call them friends, as this title appears to be a degree that should be earned, mastered & experienced; so, feel the urge to talk to my acquaintances; however, & due to my blunt, often straightforward, unpolished, non-diplomatic & NO-POLITICALLY CORRECT learning ever; the fact of the matter is to do some allegorical exercise, where I will use visuals to speak my mind &... heart... to people I know; people I like to call "thirsty passer by..."
So If YOU reckon yourself, well don't be surprised, this is surely to you that am offering tonight a moment to ponder THINGS OF LIFE...THINGS THAT MATTER IF YOU THINK THERE ARE THINGS THAT SHOULD MATTER...IN LIFE...OR ELSEWHERE...IN THE HEART FOR INSTANCE....OR BETTER....ON BRAINY LEVEL....WHAT do you say?....THIS is MY Say.....
Tonight's Mood goes like this...

Feb 28, 2009

Political engaged art

I passionately believe in cultural activism and can't but advocate for the importance of art that engages socio-political concerns. As such, Ma Boule Ma Bulle is keen on promoting artists involved in contemporary politically engaged art, specially when it comes to solidarity activities with Gaza & the Palestinian people.
For more, check ArabAd's blog or my new blog DESIGN 961 on all political design, social related creative communication & anti-war design expressions.

A new alternative music scene in Beirut

The recently released ‘96.2 Music Compilation’ produced by Incognito features 11 new talented Lebanese artists and bands. They are the finalists, selected by the jury of Radio Liban and their ’96.2 modern Music Contest.’
This contest was organised in partnership with The Basement, Incognito, The French embassy in Lebanon, In Concert, El Tek & Time Out Beirut.
& the nice part is that we are invited to witness the birth of this new alternative music scene in Beirut. It's happening at the Basement club, on the 1st of March 2009, starting 6pm.
On stage: A.Boxx, Soul +, Cristobal, Elyas Diez, Karimbo, Mashrou’ Leila, Lara Matar, Stéphanie Merchak, Sylvain Nassar, Sandmoon & Anthony Touma. Rap, pop, rock, electronic music, soul, funk… in English, French or Arabic, they will perform, in a single night, original unreleased compositions.
My main interest is in Mashrou' Leila.
A Must follow Lebanese musicians group. "They're a tough bunch to describe," says one admirer of the band. "What to expect? A crunch of instinctual vocals, bold lyrics, and catchy tunes," he adds.

Feb 14, 2009

Valentine BS & True Love

"Love is trembling happiness."
--Gibran K.Gibran
February 14 is branded worldwide as Valentine day; a day to declare your flame to your beloved and express your feelings by offering stuff brilliantly marketed, which makes of FEB14 a shopping-spending-frenzy-silly VALIday and of Valentine, nobody but an arrogant crook.
Each year as Valentine approaches, retailers double, or even triple the price of roses. While they are classic symbols of love, are they worth the rip-off? Do you have any idea how much money is made on Valentine Day? Me neither. However, it's another one of those days many go out to buy stuff they don't need.
Be wise, boycott Valentine! Don't get caught up in the hype. Resist impulse and publicity guerrilla. Marketing has no end when it comes to V-Day and it's for a big chunk so non-sense! Is it not obvious that it's spread as a marketing stunt to help sell hearts, red goods and China made cheesy merchandise. As consumers we need to question the products we buy and challenge the companies that produces useless stuff. Common, play it Adbusters mode, Go BND [Buy Nothing Day] and instead celebrate Love 365 days. Shop less, Love more!
Am sick of hearts, am dead sick of teddy bears. Valentine is to blame; however, marketers are the culprits. Crafting, designing, drawing something means more to me than receiving store bought stuff.
Customise your love, spread your smile like a real message of Love. Better, LIVE, LOVE LAUGH. Nurture Hapiness, cuz this is what Love is all about. Share it, spend time with loved ones, rather then spend cash on them.
Anyhow, below is my pick of good design stuff speaking of love without that corny-cards style. And this is what is called 'The Art of Communication' and LOVE deserves such a treat.
Buddha Butter by Rubyred from Redbubble
'Razorheart' by lucanindustries from Redbubble
By Carrie Glenn of Redbubble community
Love Bites by Sadmachine on Redbubble
By Faizee from RedBubble
By Simon Lovelace - love v/s hate
By David Barath from Hungary

You May Be a Taliban If...

click to read... You May Be a Taliban If... by Tudor-Virgil Constantin

Jan 13, 2009


Originally uploaded by EnikOne™

A brilliant stencil illustration made in polluted world by a talented artist I found on Flickr...Got the message?