Apr 27, 2008


Apr 19, 2008

Optical Trip

Our World is one bloody Illusion, Life is an optical Confusion, whereas Society is one hell of a delusion.
In the meantime, here are some mind games that combine all three attributions, but are all just plane optical Illusion...
ENJOY the simple complexity of the mind... scary illusion, but do you see any elegant women in there?
Beautiful scene. But there is something more to it
Escher - monkey me
Reversible figure and ground
Try to arrange dices like this Reversible figure and ground
See the face of a soldier and a man that is bending over on the below eye illusion
And some bits of info, so you don't log out with more discombobulation from my bubble to yours. It is said, there are three main types of illusion
  1. literal optical illusions that create images that are different from the objects that make them;
  2. physiological illusions that are the effects on the eyes and brain of excessive stimulation of a specific type - brightness, tilt, color, movement;
  3. cognitive illusions where the eye and brain make unconscious inferences.

check the eye trick site if you'd like greater twist of the mind...

Apr 18, 2008

Love is a creative game

Here is the first Barbie to have a doobie and be tattooed. The first British artist to win 5 Grammy in one night, AMY WINEHOUSE has spawned imitators and been the muse for fashion designers, most notably Karl Lagerfeld. And here we go again...inspiring... with her distinctive style, and beehive hairstyle, perfectly cloned, by a girl clearly in love with her boy friend. Popjustice site narrates the story of a girl in love, who went through all this trouble and hard work to replicate the British crooner, just to please her lover; as for the man to whom this doll was dedicated, he is obviously in love with a-m-a-zing Amy. Who isn't?
& here are some awing facts & figures: By 12 March 2008, the special deluxe edition of "Back to Black" had sold a total of 2,467,575 copies, putting the album on the UK's top 10 best-selling albums of the 21st century for the first time. On 7 April "Back to Black" was residing at the top position on the pan-European charts, for the 6th consecutive & 13th aggregate week. The original edition of the album resided at the number 30 position, in its 68th week on the charts. How awesome is that? Simply AdMYrable!!

Apr 15, 2008

C Weed Time

My first dabbling on Photoshop with a photo I shot on Ceningan island nearby Bali, "the island of the gods." It's see weed time on that small island of around 800 people, where no cars are available on those small bikes and boats. Here is a variation of colours achieved thru a Photoshop [basic] manipulation.

Apr 5, 2008

Apr 4, 2008

Hold on to Infinity

Incredible, trippy, intriguing and inspiring photographic art by Toasted Ghost member of Red Bubble art community. Well worth taking a long look at all his bubbly contribution. The photo uses the 'Droste Effect' a technique pioneered by Escher. It's a technique in which an image contains a smaller copy of itself, the sequence appearing to recur infinitely. It's also known as "mise en abyme " and means, "placing into infinity" or "placing into the abyss."
The Dutch Droste company's famous cocoa packaging is at the origin of the name "Droste effect". The nurse on the package carries a plate with a package, on which there is the same package, etc, etc.. The explanation is mathematical and a bit complex... For more on the Droste Effect illusion, click here or here for a visual understanding.

Apr 2, 2008


One stunning photo composition, taken in macro mode, by Deutsch national Ellen, a member of the Red Bubble community, whose hobby is to shoot God's incredible creation. Through this photo set, in a minimalist coloured atmosphere, the 'Ladybird on a candy' is given its perfect spirit --or at least as it appeals to many-including me: an optimistic, light and positive sign of God. Coccinellidae are found worldwide, with over 5,000 species identified so far; it is dubbed lady beetle by scientists and called ladybug in the US. Some people consider seeing one or having it land on one's body, to be a sign of good luck to come, whereas killing it presages bad luck.
The esteem with which 'coccinelles' are regarded has clearly roots in ancient beliefs.
  1. In Irish, the insect is called "God's little cow";
  2. In Croatian, it is called "God's little sheep";
  3. In France, it is known as 'bête à bon Dieu', "the Good Lord's animal";
  4. In Russia, it is "God's cow";
  5. In Yiddish, it is called "Moshe Rabbenu's little cow" or "Moshe Rabbenu's little horse"; [apparently an adaptation of the Russian name, or sometimes "Little Messiah"];
  6. In some cultures, they are referred to as "lucky bugs"
  • In parts of Northern Europe, tradition says that one's wish granted if a ladybird lands on oneself.
  • In Italy, it is said by some that if a ladybird flies into one's bedroom, it is considered good luck.
  • In Central Europe, a ladybird crawling across a girl's hand, is thought to mean, she will get married within the year.
  • In Greece, ladybugs are called 'paschalitsa', because they are found abundantly in Easter time along with 'paschalia', the Common Lilac plant, which flowers at the same time.
  • In Russia, a popular children's rhyme exists with a call to fly to the sky and bring back bread.
  • In Denmark, a ladybird, called a 'mariehøne' for "Mary's hen", is asked by children to fly to 'our Lord in Heaven and ask for fairer weather in the morning'.
  • In Malta, the ladybird is called "nannakola"; and until a few years ago, little children sang: Nannakola, mur l-iskola/Aqbad siġġu u ibda ogħla meaning...
"Ladybird go to school, get a chair and start jumping..."
In Sugar Pop's Bubble, ladybird is called 'BelCoccinelle', as it brings her fulfillment and the sense of lightness of being--when it pops up every spring.
And, am still waiting for 'BELCOCCI' to fly by...

Don't B Snoopy, Nosy & Gossipy

These three graphic visuals are designed by Helen Bacsom's of Red Bubble--who got inspired by a Japanese proverb, one of the wisest proverb ever---possibly,'The' wisest.
"See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil"
Bacsom elaborated on this pictorial maxim of the 17th century, adding as wise stances.
As a result, one perfect fit for Bacsom's bubbly design expression.
Don't Be Snoopy, Nosy & Gossipy!

Apr 1, 2008


Loved these visuals!
Have been picked from Toyash's Flickr account, where loads of the cyber dude's creative design expressions are featured.
Speaking about DEATH, here is some interesting points worth being shared:

We're all going to die. But here are some things you might be interested to know!

  1. The practice of burying the dead may date back 350,000 years...
  2. Never say die: There are at least 200 euphemisms for death, including "to be in Abraham's bosom," "just add maggots," and "sleep with the Tribbles" (a Star Trek favorite).
  3. No American has died of old age since 1951. That was the year the government eliminated that classification on death certificates.
  4. The trigger of death, in all cases, is lack of oxygen. Its decline may prompt muscle spasms, or the "agonal phase," from the Greek word 'agon', or contest. Within three days of death, the enzymes that once digested your dinner begin to eat you.
  5. In 1907, a Massachusetts doctor conducted an experiment with a specially designed deathbed and reported that the human body lost 21 grams upon dying. This has been widely held as fact ever since. It's not.
  6. In 19th-century Europe there was so much anecdotal evidence that living people were mistakenly declared dead that cadavers were laid out in "hospitals for the dead" while attendants awaited signs of putrefaction.
  7. It is estimated that 100 billion people have died since humans began.