Nov 30, 2008

On ne voit pas ça tout le temps, en effet!

"We are all dysfunctional"...
It's with this statement that the web home of the musical collective Kill the Dj will welcome you...Excellent approach to put you from the start in their own mind set, and actually on the right route toward discovering their home, world, 'bubblicious' electronic trance house sounds. Got the opportunity to embark from the basement's runaway--btw the Basement is Beirut best rockin' club of resident dj Jade--to the outer zone...It's a dope musikal trip so smooth, yet so deep... These type oriented visuals are graphic gems in my own op. & speak loud about the nature of kill the dj's spirit & communication. Thanks Jade for sharing such an awesome find of the French elecro scene. Ça déchirre!

Nov 16, 2008

dope n' cocaine

dope&cocaine, originally uploaded by Sugarpoppy.

Mister Shepard Fairey, who is mostly known for turning wrestler André the Giant’s face into ubiquitous urban art (you know those Obey the Giant flyers, posters, and stickers you see everywhere..), heads a design firm, a publishing house, and a clothing company - all dedicated to visual appropriation. Fairey has also gained notoriety with posters art [HOPE, CHANGE, ] he made for Obama. Here is my remix of the Change poster, with a 'playful play' on words.