Dec 17, 2008


Michelangelo & the 10 commandments, originally uploaded by Sugarpoppy.
Airbrushed piece created by Lebanese young artist Elie Zaarour in public at the Martyr Square, downtown Beirut during the national Marathon race day, Sunday, November 30. Copywriting of the 10 commandments by me, Sugar Pop, aka Ghada Azzi.

Essayyed poppin' & alive

Essaayyed poppin' & alive, originally uploaded by Sugarpoppy.

As pop as Essayyed can get... By Sugarpop, a dynamite piece of Stencil art picturing Hassan Nasrallah, big boss of Lebanese Hezbollah, the party of God.

Dec 3, 2008

Salam w Hob

By Peter Fuss
Peter Fuss is a Polish who creates art with an attitude, stuff that matters; he likes to subvert images & make simple bold statements with as little words as possible. So, when he's not busy tagging Poland's streets or killing Obama, he goes in with his infamous black & white visual design expressions that speak loud his mind & pov on the world. The Polish artist has a new series of work aptly entitled "War Has Started," that depicts pig faced soldiers in various modes of attack.

Nov 30, 2008

On ne voit pas ça tout le temps, en effet!

"We are all dysfunctional"...
It's with this statement that the web home of the musical collective Kill the Dj will welcome you...Excellent approach to put you from the start in their own mind set, and actually on the right route toward discovering their home, world, 'bubblicious' electronic trance house sounds. Got the opportunity to embark from the basement's runaway--btw the Basement is Beirut best rockin' club of resident dj Jade--to the outer zone...It's a dope musikal trip so smooth, yet so deep... These type oriented visuals are graphic gems in my own op. & speak loud about the nature of kill the dj's spirit & communication. Thanks Jade for sharing such an awesome find of the French elecro scene. Ça déchirre!

Nov 16, 2008

dope n' cocaine

dope&cocaine, originally uploaded by Sugarpoppy.

Mister Shepard Fairey, who is mostly known for turning wrestler André the Giant’s face into ubiquitous urban art (you know those Obey the Giant flyers, posters, and stickers you see everywhere..), heads a design firm, a publishing house, and a clothing company - all dedicated to visual appropriation. Fairey has also gained notoriety with posters art [HOPE, CHANGE, ] he made for Obama. Here is my remix of the Change poster, with a 'playful play' on words.

Oct 21, 2008

Beirut in my cube

Beirut in my cube, originally uploaded & designed by Sugarpop.

Twisted & Random...

MY city block

MY city block, originally uploaded by Sugarpoppy.

beat the cancer remix

beat the cancer remix, originally uploaded by Sugarpoppy.

Colour X-PLOSION to MAP Out Cancer by Elie Zaarour, the young & talented Lebanese airbrush artist; a slight colour remix has been injected by la sugarpop...

OBAMA hope in colour

My designs of Barack Obama, the future American president who reincarnates a new tomorrow for America, a much needed change in technicolor & full of HOPE & PROGRESS. Let's HOPE & Support him through the arts--till the results speak for him.

Oct 18, 2008

GEO gang

Geometric, originally uploaded by Kiki Tohmé.

Geometrical shaped characters wonderfully rendered, as minimalist as it gets!!

The Most Recognisable Face In The World

Here is one innovative translation of Che's iconic portrait by Alberto Cordas. Lovely!

Oct 16, 2008

Bloody Barack

Bloody Barack, originally uploaded by Sugarpoppy & designed by Sugarpop

A new remixed official portrait of the next American president, designed by maboule on bloody good inspirational day. Not bad, right?

Sep 30, 2008

Sugar à la Pêche

la sug, originally uploaded by Sugarpoppy.

Sugar a la pêche et c'est bien clair..C'est à La Voile de Rmeyleh que Sugar mon lab chocolat m'emmène aux vents du Sud Liban pr naviguer les vagues de mon jardin d'enfance...
C'est le Bonheur redéfinit par La Sug et sa joie de vivre est diablement contagieuse...
Merci d'exister ma belle chocolat--HUG

Sep 27, 2008

Andy & Sugar

Brown Sugar, plus connnue sous le nom de Sugar, my buddy, ma pote à moi, mon Labrador bien sur, full of vim and vigueur... vient de subir la matraque d'Andy... Warhol bien sûr...traîtée par la Spicepop. Le résultat est uploadé la-en 5 versions + un bonus--- Voilà tout--la résultante de mes petits pas d'amateur sur la planète du graphisme digitale.... Ouaf Ouaf!!


auto-portrait, originally uploaded by Sugarpoppy.
This is what I call self-centeredness; a light one though, since it's arising from the sand. I drew my portrait--or tried doing it-- this week-end at my playground, the one located towards the South, you know... My refuge, my blueish-bluesy cabin...Then sharpened it slightly, to have her re-appropriate some character, or at least an attitude, so here is sugarpop's sand portrait remixed on that apple machine of mine—Above, is the result…

Have another version...wait a sec...will post it shortly...

Sep 26, 2008

Dyamite Brown Sugar

sugarpopmyluv in colour, originally uploaded by Sugarpoppy.

I, Sugarpop, shot Brown Sugar then re-injected X-plosive colours to my lovely chocolate lab that reflects her dynamic and dynamite mood and spirit.

Sep 25, 2008


I dO dabble with photoshop when time is on my side...So here are four t-shirts designed by me. One is a reproduction of the design of Shepard Fairey of Obey the Giant of his rapidly sold out political advertising poster design done for Barak Obama [Hope, Progress, Change] that I allowed myself to remix and labeled 'Rastabama.' The second is an original photography picture of my chocolate labrador enhanced on photoshop and rendered in a way that resulted in B&W sweet portrait of La Sug. The third is a strict graphic design photoshop montage of the daisy flowers duplicated several times to reframe a skull, it's the daisy brain and the fourth is marabout, a hand made collage, one of my first artistic play with glue and papers that has been scanned in order to be used as a CD cover. Here they are all now put on sale on red bubble art community...
So if interested, here we go, click here to get your tee for 2o something bucks...Otherwise, have a look on some of my work...

Sep 10, 2008

BOB N' Doobie

# 9_n0taz_volume-III, originally uploaded by izolag.

Rockin' Bob...


Diva, originally uploaded by lepublicnme.

this is dope stencil art---Love IT!!! & Hey you might bump into that lady somewhere in Beirut's streets..Watch your back...:0)

Sep 5, 2008

Obey & dream more

Obey & dream more, originally uploaded by Sugarpoppy.

My Andre in stencil finally tagged, so Andre obeys me and stays around, in my room, at all time. & here it is...stamping my endorsement/ to mister Shepard Fairey; as my admiration gets real now with this sprayed pizza box that ended up lookin' so,,, like an art piece ready to stand still in my room, reminding me incessantly what communication is all about...

Andre will be staring at me all day all night; and i'll be doing the same, learning to tame each others...

Don't try to understand my relation to Andre the wrestler;;;cuz am not sure i do myself. But it's beyond the surface, delete the image, dig...deep down the hole...

& here was Sugarpop from her communication zone, wherefrom zoners of sirdab have just ended a charming SWING...

Obey your tempo, Prey for Patience, Stick & Focus...Then Roll in, Roll out...ça Balance l'équilibre...

Ça s'discute aussi!

Sep 2, 2008

Shepard Fairey, WK, Invader, Stikman, ill

5 kick ass street artists in one shot, that's a bonus image for ma boule! All around the talented Shepard Fairey and his Arab woman--- And Vlan!!

his sexy butterfly

Hush 'Painted Ladies' Detail 2, originally uploaded by Romanywg.

A bloody rockin' creature...

Aug 31, 2008

Devil Speakin'

the Devil, originally uploaded by wackystuff.

Hell-O there, who in hell do you want???


'The fist' was part of Free for Wall exhibition- work by R1

Aug 30, 2008


new, originally uploaded by THE KRAH.

Love the Krah by graffiti artist KRAH...Just Love it!!

Aug 29, 2008

nuit après nuit

nuit après nuit, originally uploaded by Sugarpoppy.

One of my first collage work, done back in Kuwait, in 2004, as a CD cover for Ocean. A set of my 12 12x12cm postcards --that also work as CD covers --are available for sale at artlounge gallery, Karantina - Beirut.


EVOLUTION, originally uploaded by Sugarpoppy.


Aug 28, 2008

Chris Craitza-10

Chris Craitza-10, originally uploaded by Sugarpoppy.

My number one---
Chris U Rock......

سمير قصير -La vie en rose


Jul 25, 2008


Lumière, originally uploaded by kaalam.

i can see all religions through this pix? can't u?

one conclusion

one conclusion, originally uploaded by Sugarpoppy.

my collage---as the more things change...felt this cut & stick mode must be paused...for H hour,,,& that D Day!!
it's getting late...

Jul 17, 2008

stop haunting me...

Beautiful feel surrounding these 3D graphic images designed by Indonesian national, Tony Awarian who, currently lives in Yogyakarta and has brilliant stuff in here @ area105.