Jan 26, 2008

Grass in Vending Machines

It happens that sometimes -- actually so many times'; although in Lebanon, it's not available at every corner-, I find that vending machines are one hell of an invention. They are always here waiting to be clicked or banged on to serve you their offerings. For people, like me- obviously, (whith no notion of time, discipline, organisation, time management, u name it!) may find themselves in the most ackward situation, if distributors of anything never existed: condoms could be life saviour for many, even though never had to look for that one; but when it comes to munchies, coffee, soft drinks, and mostly cash am just in love with the machine. But here is the most surprising machine distributor of it all: Mary Jane just in a click...Believe it or not! M-A-R-Y J-AN-E Actually, it's not that simple but it's so true. The real deal is that you can get medical marijuana, from Anytime Vending Machines. AVMs are 24/7 machines housed in standalone rooms, abutting two dispensaries and protected by round-the-clock security guards -- like ATMs for people combating psychological withdrawal with a physical one. After cinching up your doctor's consultation, hit an AVM location to get your prescription approved, fingerprint taken, and a prepaid credit card loaded with your profile: dosage (3.5 or 7 grams, up to 1oz a week) and strain preference (choice of five, including OG Cush and Granddaddy Purple, the mildly hallucinogenic forebear to Prince). Continue reading here

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