Jan 26, 2008


An article in the L.A Times reads: "The interface between the two: culture-jamming, where advertising billboards are altered with subversive messages, focusing particularly on the art of Ron English, who is responsible for such works as a toe-tagged cadaver with the legend “Forever Kool” (Kool is a North American brand of cigarettes) and “Camel Kids”, featuring child versions of Joe Camel, the Camel cigarette mascot." The IPKat says: “This is an area of IP law where there are no easy answers. On the one hand, if advertising is legally protected from all by third parties, it constitutes a ubiquitous one-way conversation between the advertiser and the public. On the other hand, courts generally feel unhappy about artists riding roughshod over other peoples’ property rights in the interests of free speech.” Click I Read for more

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