May 31, 2008

Bogota Stencil

Bogota Stencil, originally uploaded by LoisInWonderland.


May 27, 2008

Kiss me Deadly & OBEY

KISS ME DEADLY is another one of those stunning mind-blowing designs created by Shepard Fairey, ma boule's "coup de coeur" of the moment; in 'inglishe,' ce serait quelque chose comme,,, Shepard Fairey my heart crack crack... Just love all his doings, his approach to the world of communication, his imprint left in visual design, where André the wrestler will always remain this ghastly image firmly stuck in my mind... He did IT and I can't but SALUTE his art, as he keeps on captivating me; specially that a good chunk of his visuals and design expressions & impressions have this alluring characteristic that manages--every time i come across his work-- to delight me and arouse my admiration. Hats off -- & STRIKE ME DEADLY FAIREY!! IT'S ALL GOOD!!

May 18, 2008

Obey Peace & Give It a Dance

Love these poster design by Shepard Fairey of Obey. For more, you can check out Obey the Giant site or have a look at Sirdab's pick You can also participate in ArabAd Peace Poster design Contest where ace prizes are awaiting the winners PEACE OUT!

The Scorpion dance

Their sting endures

The National - News

15 May 2008

According to Greek mythology it was the scorpion, sent by the goddess Hera, which brought down Orion the hunter. Angered by Orion’s arrogant belief that he could hunt and kill anything, Hera wanted to teach him a lesson. She sent Scorpius, more...


May 14, 2008

Rastabama by Sugarpop

Copyright © 2008 Sugarpop
'Obama Rocks Reggae' - a Sugarpop remix of Shepard Fairey's Progress poster of Barak Hussein Obama - Rock on OBY!! Fairey you Rock as well! You're a communication giant, Keep us Rockin'!! From Andre to your Subliminal Projects... We will Follow!! But hardly Obey!!

cmyk dunnys

cmyk dunnys, originally uploaded by !!! the lover !!!.

Army of colour!!!! I want one!

May 5, 2008

Obama Rocks

I love Barack Obama. He represents the Hope, Change, Progress that --not only America-- but the whole world is in dire need of. He represents a new era of positive change. As a support to the future president of the US ;0) have remixed Shepard Fairey infamous poster [below]. On top, my gift to the man who mirrors all the colours of the world, its lights and all shades. He's such a positive energy to humanity as a whole, he's certainly able to help people delete 'the wicked Bush years.' So here it is; a pop design for Rocking Oby --[a play on Fairey's Mega OBEY].
Here is the Progress visual, one of the triptych [Hope, Change, Progress] created by Obey's Shepard Fairey as a support to Obama; the original limited edition offset lithographs got sold on eBay, as fast as a lightning; signed and numbered by the artist, their price reached US $900. Even the stickers are selling like pancakes and, if I remember correctly, they are sold out too.
"I wanted to make an art piece of Barack Obama because I thought an iconic portrait of him could symbolize and amplify the importance of his mission. I believe Obama will guide this country to a future where everyone can thrive and I should support him vigorously for the sake of my two young daughters. I have made art opposing the Iraq war for several years, and making art of Obama, who opposed the war from the start, is like making art for peace. I know I have an audience of young art fans and I’m delighted if I can encourage them to see the merits of Barack Obama.” Shepard Fairey

May 1, 2008

sheeva awakes

sheeva awakes, originally uploaded by Lucid Optic Lab.

Funkidelic Sheeva certain to hit you right in your brain....Mind & Soul!!

Force and Mind

Force and Mind, originally uploaded by Digital Crafts.

IT says IT All!!

Happiness Redefined

by WackyStuff
by PureEvil
by incognito[will find out soon..]

XO toujours...4EVER LuV

xo, originally uploaded by jdyf333.

Love, Amour Toujours, Always Love, always Coca Cola... Love, the other side of Life... Love, the ultimate Trip, indeed!!

Revolución Industrial

Revolución Industrial, originally uploaded by mauromaderna.

Here is on brilliant approach to the Che iconic photo by Corda.
As for the title of Mauro Maderna's artwork, can be a wittiest tag!