Feb 25, 2008

Flashing Life

Collage by Sugar Pop aka Me - Copyright material - Unauthorized distribution -

Feb 24, 2008

Jelly Belly

copyrighted material Collage by Sugar Pop-

Live it in Technicolor

These two cubes are a a colourful array of my mind & soul

Allez, un QUIZ?

Allez, un QUIZ?
Our thoughts are out of control, and we just leap frog from one to the next without having a firm grasp on any single thought. But, hey, how many thoughts an average person has per day?
The number is approximately 12,000 thoughts per day for the average person [and much more for deeper thinkers.]
Love this Typo work by Tauba Auerbach

Feb 23, 2008


by Urkuk
Oui toi!!! J'en pince pour toi--- Alors que je ne devrai en pincer pour personne; mais bon... C'est Comme ÇA!!!
textes: Gaston Bachelard graphisme: Gilles Dupuis

...Moins ÇA VA

graphisme by Urkuk


Graphisme Gilles Dupuis

Sugar defining Happiness

Here is my one year old luny-sweetie-gaga-choco lab--she is as loco as one can get--- So meet SUGAR popin' up of happiness in her snowy playground... Plus maboule tu meurs!

Feb 21, 2008

Look for the Moon

Lunear eclipse of 2004 -
Photography by David Ball
It will be the last total lunar eclipse until December 20, 2010.

Eclipses occur only at full moon when the Sun, Earth and Moon are in a perfect line.

Because the Moon's orbit around Earth is not perfectly aligned with the plane of Earth's orbit around the Sun, eclipses do not occur at every full moon.

The moon will enter Earth's shadow at 8:43 p.m. ET (that's 7:43 p.m. Central, 6:43 p.m. Mountain and 5:43 p.m. Pacific) on Wednesday, Feb. 20. So, will be able to see IT, inshallah, before dawn today...

Unlike solar eclipses, [protective eyeglasses needed], lunar eclipses are safe to view with the naked eye. So arm yourself with a telescope and sit back comfortably, pray for a clear weather and wait for Godot or... the total eclipse phase. It's likewise!!

Otherwise, click for a QuickTime movie of a simulated eclipse.

GOOD TO KNOW2: Later this year, in August, there will be a total solar eclipse and a partial lunar eclipse.

Top Secret

"An American Index of the Hidden and Unfamiliar'' is a book by Taryn Simon, which opens doors to top-secret, most confined areas in the world. Photograph Taryn Simon enjoyed, a free-pass across the US most restricted areas; she went on recording through her lens the out of bounds "hidden & unfamiliar" places, capturing during four years unexpected images of a strange world one can't picture, unless seen by the naked eye. Her underground pictorial journey is an astonishing achievement!!
From Top:
  • PlayBoy as part of the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped, a division of the Library of Congress
  • The CIA headquarters in Langley: paintings by Thomas Downing.

Swaping Pix for Brown

Amy Winehouse’s jailed husband Blake Fielder-Civil is allegedly swapping his Grammy Awarded wife autographed picture for brown powder. Just read it ; here you go...can read it to...
According to The Sun: while incarcerated at London’s Pentonville Prison,
" Blake has traded autographed pictures of his spouse to fellow inmates who hope to sell them on eBay. He receives a “joey” - British slang for a hit of heroin- for the flicks."
Donno what to think of that one, but all I can say... Am absolutely puzzled!! Black on Black!!!


Oh Lord---See that stack of cash, well, a Mexican drug Lord got busted recently; and here is what the police raid dug up from the mansion of the well,,, quite successful dealer; $205 million dollars in cash is no little money indeed; police also found a bunch of drugs and guns... Poor guy! where will all this big bucks go? That's all am wondering this late night...Puzzled I AM2!

Feb 17, 2008

OH What a rat race!

Graffiti by Banksy that turns out to be so explicit of my thoughts about 'Others'; the rat race is so brillantly written and sang by King Bob, it says it all!!
Uh! Ya too rude! Uh! Eh! OH What a rat race! Oh, what a rat race! Oh, what a rat race! Oh, what a rat race! This is the rat race! Rat race! (Rat race!) Some a lawful, some a bastard, some a jacket: Oh, what a rat race, yeah! Rat race! Some a gorgon-a, some a hooligan-a, some a guine-gog-a In this 'ere rat race, yeah! Rat race! I'm singin' that When the cat's away, The mice will play. Political violence fill ya city, ye-ah! Don't involve Rasta in your say say; Rasta don't work for no C.I.A. Rat race, rat race, rat race! Rat race, I'm sayin': When you think is peace and safety: A sudden destruction. Collective security for surety, ye-ah! Don't forget your history; Know your destiny: In the abundance of water, The fool is thirsty. Rat race, rat race, rat race! Rat race! Oh, it's a disgrace To see the human-race In a rat race, rat race! You got the horse race; You got the dog race; You got the human-race; But this is a rat race, rat race!
By Bob Marley Album: Songs of Freedom Title: Rat Race

The Global Citizen

Speaking of globalisation, this is how the global citizen looks like: A clone of Ronald

Feb 16, 2008

Fuck Off from My Funky Town

Photography by Sugar Pop - Naher Beirut
Tag below by Bristol Artist Banksy
I Wish Banksy drops by Beirut, ma Funky Town, to pick us up thru an offbeat pictorial journey, as staggering as his own social graphs and tags drawn all around. Meanwhile, I chose to combine a street graffiti, I Shot under the Bridge - Nahr Beirut - with one of Banksy's tags picked from his site - A MUST VISIT btw...

Feb 15, 2008



I love Banksy's imprints left across the urban environment. Those ones are EXTRA-ORDINARY !! This well-known, yet pseudo-anonymous British graffiti artist, features striking and humorous images occasionally combined with slogans. His artworks are often satirical pieces of art, which encompass topics from politics, culture, and ethics. Banksy's message is usually anti-war, anti-capitalist, anti-establishment or pro-freedom.

Bin Laden's Beginnings

Feb 12, 2008

Marche à l'ombre

It's Oooh Sooo Hard for me to burst out of my comfort Zone... Winehouse ain't helping; neither is snow white, nor rain and fire...& ICE! Et puis... du vin , du pain, du boursin... Je vais Bien....

Feb 10, 2008

Andy Wharol just 4U

"The Philosophy Of Andy Warhol" by ANDY WARHOL
This is Warhol's 1975 first edition book, autographed and dedicated by Andy Warhol himself with an original 'Campbells Soup Can' drawing on an inside page; it still has its original jacket. This book is Andy Warhol's stance vis-a-vis love, sex, beauty, fame, work, money, success; all that crap if I may!! But also, about New York and about himself--his childhood in McKeesport, Pennsylvania, the explosion of his career in the sixties, and life among celebrities. Obtained thru a well respected Fine Arts/Book Gallery, it is/was --[not sure] available for sale. A definite stunning addition for any collector with a certificate of Authenticity. Check it if interested on Eil.com EIL.com is the world's biggest online store for new, rare, collectable CDs, vinyl records, music DVDs, clothing, limited editions, imports and music memorabilia from the around the world. And if you're a fan of the infamous pop artist you may also be interested in his Greta Garbo (Fantastic 60cm x 85cm colour offset exhibition poster produced for a Warhol show at Kestner Gesellschaft, Hannover Germany between October & December 1981. Autographed by Warhol in black felt pen underneath the iconic image of Greta. The poster features show dates and a bold 'WARHOL' in white across the bottom and costs USD 1,455.00.


This wall reads
& it means
Anything, everything and all things have been said about Lebanon and its people; whereby, Beirut, the city, my city has been embodying all possible superlatives but many dreadful qualifications too, depending on the nature of the chaos that reigns. Nonetheless, Chaos is Beirut’s middle name. And I guess, we, all very much, agree on that one. Beautiful or messed up, Chaos (yes, with a big C, mind you!) is always an interesting state to delve into and swing with, as we go on exploring its terrain or potential ramifications. The sharpest depiction of my chaotic-beloved Beirut has always been a tag that goes like this: “Crazy - Charmeuse - Chaotic Heyya Madinatee.” Even the language(s) we speak is as messed up as the country itself; an outspoken Chaos that is!


Street Art Graffiti I SHOT while wandering in Crazy Beirut 


PIF PAF !! & will wipe them all---
The Lebanese Intelligentsia we ain't be proud of~
And 'the fugitives, 'les barbus'........................................................................ we'd like to see and have them locked in!!
For more info & about one bloody reward if you know these guys' whereabout Call the FBI

Nobody Knows

Feb 7, 2008


The 10 Most Popular Dogs in the U.S. according to the American Kennel Club. 1. Labrador Retriever 2. Yorkshire Terrier 3. German Shepherd Dog 4. Golden Retriever 5. Beagle 6. Boxer 7. Dachshund 8. Poodle 9. Shih Tzu 10. Bulldog

Feb 6, 2008

Happiness is like

Smarties or Coke?

It is understood that Brands R us... Well,,, Smart Coke is Smart Choice One bloody bubbly refreshement!

Feb 2, 2008


This is a collage I Love by German artist Monika Aichele

Spoofy Lebanon

Well Here we go again... I stumbled acrooss a blog full of subverted brands, and the nice thing about it, is that it's written by a Lebanese blogger. Leba-none is full of parody, Adbusters mode. Here is what I picked; but you can fly away and check all the good stuff drawn & graphed by blogger of Leba-None.

Feb 1, 2008

Consider everything an experiment

These are some good rules to live by, drawn by the students of Sister Corita Kent of the Immaculate Heart College, L.A. Corita Kent was a nun of the sixtees, and a teacher too, at the art department at the Immaculate Heart College. But above all that, she was an artist who devoted her life to conveying artistic messages of optimism and peace. Kent created several hundred serigraph designs, for posters, book covers, and murals. Her screen prints grabbed media attention and she was on the cover of Newsweek. Sister Corita Kent had an unusual yet fascinating life. Her work includes the 1985 Love Stamp of which 700 million pieces [of stamps] were sold.
Kent’s art reflects her spirituality, her commitment to social justice, her hope for peace and her delight in “the world that takes place all around us.”