Oct 21, 2008

Beirut in my cube

Beirut in my cube, originally uploaded & designed by Sugarpop.

Twisted & Random...

MY city block

MY city block, originally uploaded by Sugarpoppy.

beat the cancer remix

beat the cancer remix, originally uploaded by Sugarpoppy.

Colour X-PLOSION to MAP Out Cancer by Elie Zaarour, the young & talented Lebanese airbrush artist; a slight colour remix has been injected by la sugarpop...

OBAMA hope in colour

My designs of Barack Obama, the future American president who reincarnates a new tomorrow for America, a much needed change in technicolor & full of HOPE & PROGRESS. Let's HOPE & Support him through the arts--till the results speak for him.

Oct 18, 2008

GEO gang

Geometric, originally uploaded by Kiki Tohmé.

Geometrical shaped characters wonderfully rendered, as minimalist as it gets!!

The Most Recognisable Face In The World

Here is one innovative translation of Che's iconic portrait by Alberto Cordas. Lovely!

Oct 16, 2008

Bloody Barack

Bloody Barack, originally uploaded by Sugarpoppy & designed by Sugarpop

A new remixed official portrait of the next American president, designed by maboule on bloody good inspirational day. Not bad, right?