Jan 26, 2008

Creative Commons emblem

I came across this perfect flag, that actually looked more for me, like a rendered version of the KSA's; or a smoother vision of the pirates'. In fact, IT IS inspired by those gangsters of another rage; however, the person behind this thoughtful design had more of a reflective thought on piracy in the New Age, the Networked Age. Here are Akma's random thoughts on the featured visual: "I realized that a Creative Commons emblem couldn’t just be a skull and crossbones, since part of the point is that the culture for which we’re struggling isn’t properly someone else’s good that we want to steal, but rather is should be recognized as a common good, that we want to turn loose for the benefit of the culture in general. Instead of a skull, then — a light bulb (illuminating its surroundings, and itself an invention whose patent we would not want to have seen extended indefinitely). The crossed bones — a pen (obviously) and. . . a microphone?" Click on I READ

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