Jan 26, 2008

Propaganda-fed citizens

I just can't get enough of ads' parody, subverted logos, and graphic manipulations of super brands . Maybe it's a way to remind myself that the world is twisting too fast...And then, let such a thought trigger the usual... An existential anxiety that would go on to precipitate my mind in all directions, and have my neurones -- or what is left of them-- roll and refresh... Another reason, could also be to reassure myself that I agree with the likes of Adbusters and Kasle Lasne and I should stop thinking and agreeing, rather acting and engaging myself in what every cause I believe in... That post has already diminished my guilt trip since posting these images and letting the blog roll is already one adbusting action. Provided the messages get to someone through this post; and naturally, someone somewhere would start thinking that he, too, should start acting Adbusters mode. Enjoy this delicious propaganda-fed citizens; it is good stuff and definitely refreshing parody for every brain.

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