Dec 31, 2007

2008, the Real Deal

Collage by Sugar Pop aka Moi - Copyright material - Unauthorised distribution
Eh bien 2008 is knocking on 2007's door & am just getting ready to knock it all out. Prépare-toi deux mille huit, I am going to 'casser la baraque' Pépé style... Whether, am flying solo or surfing with Ocean love, ce sera idem- C'est Zoom dans le mille et sans un seul regard à l'arrière. Et je me promets une année Helwa, the Real Deal!! D'ici là, je passerai par ma bulle pour graver mon chemin, et maboule s'en définira... A+ Cheers & Joyeux Bordel comme dirai l'ami Gilles à qui d'ailleurs j'envoie mes plus chaleureux et sincères souhaits... Merci pr Mickey Sarko, j'espère que lui aussi donnera du peps à la France.

Dec 29, 2007

Fire & Ice

This is a sample of my collage work-- & my message to all of you out there RETHINK-REFRESH-REMIX & LIVE THE LIFE FIRE & ICE WARM GREETINGS TO ALL MARTIANS & ALIENS & PEACE OUT Sugar Pop

my message 4 2008

Dec 28, 2007

My Kingdom

Amazing work from Sheena Aw, a motion graphic designer from Singapore, who has done work for Mtv & Sony corporation. Check more at DepthCore the international digital art & design community.

Dec 26, 2007

In the Cold, Cold Night

by the White Stripes- This is likely the best live rendition of this song that I've seen. She sings this song in such a sweet, yet sultry way. Hopefully the future will yield more songs sung by the angelic Meg White.

Mind Razor

Autopsy of my mind in the making... this powerful image effected my affect.. .felt it like a trailblazer of insights, drawing deviant routes--or just reminding me about d where, Y, when; then spicy life - and that floating mood got jazzed up by "a trip to Wonderland".... Just close enough. Sometimes ya just gotta draw it out.. ... Waves of feelings can make you live on a roller coaster all d way till the end...might as well get it out. Just close enough.. Brilliant digital art from deviant artist secroit in vector category


Right now, am trying to get rid out of 07; and these two images can't better mirror my inner state- As deviant as it can get--- Staggeringly I'd say; so deviant it hurts; but, as long as it feels good, does it have to make sense? Poem by Emily Dickinson: I dwell in possibility - A fairer House than Prose - More numerous of Windows - Superior - for Doors - Of Chambers as the Cedars - Impregnable of Eye - And for an Everlasting Roof - The Gambrels of the Sky - Of Visitors - the fairest - For Occupation - This - The spreading wide my narrow Hands To gather Paradise - That's how I'd look if you see me
& Hat's off to OHKO from DeviantArt

When child play...

Digital Art work from DeviantArt

Dec 25, 2007

Securité, quand tu nous tiens!

Picked from the Visual Cards series mailed to PostSecret & uploaded on their blog


PostSecretFrance est un projet artistique qui permet à n'importe qui de partager leurs secrets, en les écrivant sur une carte postale de façon créative et anonyme, et de les envoyer par la poste.

Dec 24, 2007


Well, that's MY Zone, n' here is Sugar the brown puppy lab along with Lady black Hug, and the featured visual is my first computer graphic collage, usually it's all hand made, the true stuff- Anyhow, here is my tribe---C'est ma tribu, c'est ma bulle; c'est tout mon bonheur avec Ocean, mon homme, mon amour maboule... & I have a feeling...[still a gd sign] It's gonna B ONE BEAUTIFUL MESS on ma bulle maboule!! Prêt pour le décolage?... Parce que moi, d'avance j'ai le vertige... Alors, Allez...CIRCULEZ, Y'A RIEN A VOIR! Revenez plus tard...