Dec 19, 2010

Chaos kayoed with the help of a peacock

I have always believed one must get lost, in order to find his/her path.... Same goes for anything in life, to meet happiness, must encounter pain; to succeed, must on so forth...Got the picture, right? Wanderers, errants are bound to meet the unexpected, as they go with the wind, follow the rainbow, grab their ticket to the moon, with no planning.... I, myself, too often tango with my mood swings, mash up what I find in my playground, with nothing close to a plan, or a map identification, or a route of choice; rather, I embark on the storytelling bandwagon with some tools & material, a blurry mind but ready for a free round of creative energy flow. Nonetheless, there is always a vision, more of an image that seem to stick around... Lately been seeing peacocks...Squids....baboons.... Lion fish....jelly fish....ladybirds.....
Then I go on mix and unmatch what is believed not to be mixed and matched.... In short, i firmly believe that To CONSTRUCT, must start with DECONSTRUCTION. And here we are, me, myself & my visual blabbering on a zone at Posterous, my lab for playful design expressions & creative inspiration. And since anything boring in life is made up of oneness, as one mind, one block, one thought, single, one & only, dogmatic when not fanatic, my world is rather all patchwork jazzed up to the max., and as sweet as a strawberry cream Chupa Chups lollipop or bombastic as la Durée's macarons... "SNAP, CRACKLE, POP," it's munchies' hour....

"A madman is not less a musician than you or myself; only the instrument he plays is a little out of tune," wrote the master, Gebran K. Gebran.

Whether, my digital visual narratives are a little, a lot, or massively out of tune, well one thing am definite about is that visual thinking spice mode are bloody healing to my soul & my design samplings greatly contribute in fine tuning I & my reason to be...

For now, am madly in luv with colors....Soon, aim to dedicate my time and efforts to make some noise so that the art of communication makes social change its ball game.
Till then, eye-candy kaleidoscopic stories will keep on bouncing by here while sugarpoppy ravin' n' ramblin' roll with the 'zénitude' of a peaceful warrior.
Salam & peace out!!

One more thing: la vie set MOSAIQUE!! Et ma bulle plus que tout; souvent chaotique, et je m'en fous... (là, c'est juste pour la rime....)

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