Feb 14, 2009

Valentine BS & True Love

"Love is trembling happiness."
--Gibran K.Gibran
February 14 is branded worldwide as Valentine day; a day to declare your flame to your beloved and express your feelings by offering stuff brilliantly marketed, which makes of FEB14 a shopping-spending-frenzy-silly VALIday and of Valentine, nobody but an arrogant crook.
Each year as Valentine approaches, retailers double, or even triple the price of roses. While they are classic symbols of love, are they worth the rip-off? Do you have any idea how much money is made on Valentine Day? Me neither. However, it's another one of those days many go out to buy stuff they don't need.
Be wise, boycott Valentine! Don't get caught up in the hype. Resist impulse and publicity guerrilla. Marketing has no end when it comes to V-Day and it's for a big chunk so non-sense! Is it not obvious that it's spread as a marketing stunt to help sell hearts, red goods and China made cheesy merchandise. As consumers we need to question the products we buy and challenge the companies that produces useless stuff. Common, play it Adbusters mode, Go BND [Buy Nothing Day] and instead celebrate Love 365 days. Shop less, Love more!
Am sick of hearts, am dead sick of teddy bears. Valentine is to blame; however, marketers are the culprits. Crafting, designing, drawing something means more to me than receiving store bought stuff.
Customise your love, spread your smile like a real message of Love. Better, LIVE, LOVE LAUGH. Nurture Hapiness, cuz this is what Love is all about. Share it, spend time with loved ones, rather then spend cash on them.
Anyhow, below is my pick of good design stuff speaking of love without that corny-cards style. And this is what is called 'The Art of Communication' and LOVE deserves such a treat.
Buddha Butter by Rubyred from Redbubble
'Razorheart' by lucanindustries from Redbubble
By Carrie Glenn of Redbubble community
Love Bites by Sadmachine on Redbubble
By Faizee from RedBubble
By Simon Lovelace - love v/s hate
By David Barath from Hungary

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