Jun 9, 2008

War is Art

A political poster designed by Jesus Barraza submitted to Art of Politics contest
If you have a word to say about Peace and are able to design a poster, Join ArabAd Peace Poster Design Contest before it's too late.
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "we shall return no matter how long it takes," reads that poster--designed by 'yasary-masry'--supporting the Palestinian cause.
By Leftist, an Egyptian national very much into the graphic social & political arts, with a bold & unique approach while tackling socio-political matters. He speaks loud his discontent & makes clear his dissent to many worldwide symptoms, including dictatorships, freedom of the press, globalisation, capitalism, wild liberalism, the dichotomy of the society, human rights etc. He often subverts international brand's identity to make a statement. Here is someone, who believes firmly in the power of communication, as an effective tool to impact social change. You can have a look on his Flickr stream. You are certain to be amazed. It's great & sharp work!

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