Jun 1, 2008

Body Orchestra

A group of performers, who deliver unusual rhythmic sounds from within, are due to perform this summer, in my funky town Beirut-- actually at Byblos International Festival. Initiated by the musician Fernando Barba, out of his interest in extracting sounds from his own body, the group holds his name from that habit labeled with the word 'barbatuques.' -- ("batuque" can be loosely translated as "percussion"). Got the news from the group itself on virb community, where they confirmed being scheduled for two nights --25, 26 July... That's perfectissimo! Back to normal for Lebanon!! Music will hopefully be the cure and bring about some warmth during the summer, as we are all ready to give Peace a dance and rock with all three prestigious music Festival [Baalbeck, Beiteddine and Byblos]. Apart from Lebanese born Mika, set to rock the crowd of the Heliopolis, programmes haven't been officially announced yet for all three. However, here I am, breaking the news for all of you out there interested in eclectic sounds. Claps, snaps, beating of the chest, mouth noises, vocals, and several other sounds will be combined in the production of rhythms and melodies of BARBATUQUES, the Brazilian group. Barbatuques is a full orchestra of Nanás, playing their bodies like locos, and creating some of the most uplifting and humorous music you can get these days. Barbatuques are dubbed "Body orchestra” where all musicians improvise on the same instrument, as they develop an artistic show, while exploring the innumerable sounds that can be produced by the human body. Formed in Sao Paulo in 1996, Fernando Barba’s troupe travel the world over in thigh-slapping style. One definite thing, is that the Lebanese audience can count on getting a deep dive into one memorable musical experience, thanks to Barbatuques' performance due at the magical Phoenician coastal city of Byblos. Whether you consider this to be sound choreography or body music, their performance is said to be a treat for percussion enthusiasts. From traditional Brazilian rhythms to those of funk or hip-hop, again, an assurance that the public is sure to find something in this amazing group’s repertoire; the least being a sensational exploration of the percussive rhythmic landscape of Brazil. Summertime, and the living is eaaaaaaaaaasyyyyy...........

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