May 27, 2008

Kiss me Deadly & OBEY

KISS ME DEADLY is another one of those stunning mind-blowing designs created by Shepard Fairey, ma boule's "coup de coeur" of the moment; in 'inglishe,' ce serait quelque chose comme,,, Shepard Fairey my heart crack crack... Just love all his doings, his approach to the world of communication, his imprint left in visual design, where André the wrestler will always remain this ghastly image firmly stuck in my mind... He did IT and I can't but SALUTE his art, as he keeps on captivating me; specially that a good chunk of his visuals and design expressions & impressions have this alluring characteristic that manages--every time i come across his work-- to delight me and arouse my admiration. Hats off -- & STRIKE ME DEADLY FAIREY!! IT'S ALL GOOD!!

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