Apr 18, 2008

Love is a creative game

Here is the first Barbie to have a doobie and be tattooed. The first British artist to win 5 Grammy in one night, AMY WINEHOUSE has spawned imitators and been the muse for fashion designers, most notably Karl Lagerfeld. And here we go again...inspiring... with her distinctive style, and beehive hairstyle, perfectly cloned, by a girl clearly in love with her boy friend. Popjustice site narrates the story of a girl in love, who went through all this trouble and hard work to replicate the British crooner, just to please her lover; as for the man to whom this doll was dedicated, he is obviously in love with a-m-a-zing Amy. Who isn't?
& here are some awing facts & figures: By 12 March 2008, the special deluxe edition of "Back to Black" had sold a total of 2,467,575 copies, putting the album on the UK's top 10 best-selling albums of the 21st century for the first time. On 7 April "Back to Black" was residing at the top position on the pan-European charts, for the 6th consecutive & 13th aggregate week. The original edition of the album resided at the number 30 position, in its 68th week on the charts. How awesome is that? Simply AdMYrable!!

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