Apr 2, 2008


One stunning photo composition, taken in macro mode, by Deutsch national Ellen, a member of the Red Bubble community, whose hobby is to shoot God's incredible creation. Through this photo set, in a minimalist coloured atmosphere, the 'Ladybird on a candy' is given its perfect spirit --or at least as it appeals to many-including me: an optimistic, light and positive sign of God. Coccinellidae are found worldwide, with over 5,000 species identified so far; it is dubbed lady beetle by scientists and called ladybug in the US. Some people consider seeing one or having it land on one's body, to be a sign of good luck to come, whereas killing it presages bad luck.
The esteem with which 'coccinelles' are regarded has clearly roots in ancient beliefs.
  1. In Irish, the insect is called "God's little cow";
  2. In Croatian, it is called "God's little sheep";
  3. In France, it is known as 'bête à bon Dieu', "the Good Lord's animal";
  4. In Russia, it is "God's cow";
  5. In Yiddish, it is called "Moshe Rabbenu's little cow" or "Moshe Rabbenu's little horse"; [apparently an adaptation of the Russian name, or sometimes "Little Messiah"];
  6. In some cultures, they are referred to as "lucky bugs"
  • In parts of Northern Europe, tradition says that one's wish granted if a ladybird lands on oneself.
  • In Italy, it is said by some that if a ladybird flies into one's bedroom, it is considered good luck.
  • In Central Europe, a ladybird crawling across a girl's hand, is thought to mean, she will get married within the year.
  • In Greece, ladybugs are called 'paschalitsa', because they are found abundantly in Easter time along with 'paschalia', the Common Lilac plant, which flowers at the same time.
  • In Russia, a popular children's rhyme exists with a call to fly to the sky and bring back bread.
  • In Denmark, a ladybird, called a 'mariehøne' for "Mary's hen", is asked by children to fly to 'our Lord in Heaven and ask for fairer weather in the morning'.
  • In Malta, the ladybird is called "nannakola"; and until a few years ago, little children sang: Nannakola, mur l-iskola/Aqbad siġġu u ibda ogħla meaning...
"Ladybird go to school, get a chair and start jumping..."
In Sugar Pop's Bubble, ladybird is called 'BelCoccinelle', as it brings her fulfillment and the sense of lightness of being--when it pops up every spring.
And, am still waiting for 'BELCOCCI' to fly by...

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