Mar 23, 2008

A Voice that could Stop Wars

ONE Achingly Beautiful NIGHT IN BEIRUT's Music Hall
Tunisian-born singer and oud virtuoso Dhafer Youssef’s hypnotic, Sufi-inspired music, which connects the ancient with the modern, the East with the West in an enticing coalescence of culture, dropped by Beirut for one dazzling night. The kind of gig you watch and pray would never end, charged with such magic that you knew it would leave its mark, move you, change you... He managed to put a smile of Wonderment on my face, which seems to last forever... Dhafer Yousef... One of the most interesting artists alive. I believe I was lucky to be in that enchanted Music Hall. The atmosphere was so electric; a genius of contamination in fact! I got transported, for an hour or so, to another level. This man is without doubt one of the most moving and spirited vocalist that I have ever heard or had the pleasure to see and meet live. Cuz I met him at the end of his gig, hugged him, thanked him for that awesome night that brought back hope to my city; yep indeed, “a voice that could stop wars;” and I promised him that we will meet again..

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