Mar 16, 2008

Love & War

Bomb, Barriers of Love & War graphed on Beirut's walls Came across these Wall Art Tags surfing the 'weewee' Wild Web... Found them Lovely, Loud & Fully-Loaded of War memories. These tags act as a reminder of a mentality still deeply anchored in many Lebanese minds, which seem to be setting the stage for another skirmished round, with their rancorous spirit building barriers and putting wicked bitter sentiments at the forefront. These graffitis are one good metaphor of all the ingredients that pilled up & triggered back in 1975 an angry thunder on my country. Today, it seems that not much has been learned from the past, not much has been altered in the mentalities--even the new generation has been contaminated with hate, intolerance, and the poisonous confessional sticky-deadly virus. May Peace prevail!... The featured Street Art Graffiti from Beirut, are archived on one interesting blog from Lebanon, worth a surf; it is dubbed as A Diamond's Eye View

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