Feb 1, 2008

Consider everything an experiment

These are some good rules to live by, drawn by the students of Sister Corita Kent of the Immaculate Heart College, L.A. Corita Kent was a nun of the sixtees, and a teacher too, at the art department at the Immaculate Heart College. But above all that, she was an artist who devoted her life to conveying artistic messages of optimism and peace. Kent created several hundred serigraph designs, for posters, book covers, and murals. Her screen prints grabbed media attention and she was on the cover of Newsweek. Sister Corita Kent had an unusual yet fascinating life. Her work includes the 1985 Love Stamp of which 700 million pieces [of stamps] were sold.
Kent’s art reflects her spirituality, her commitment to social justice, her hope for peace and her delight in “the world that takes place all around us.”

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