Feb 10, 2008


This wall reads
& it means
Anything, everything and all things have been said about Lebanon and its people; whereby, Beirut, the city, my city has been embodying all possible superlatives but many dreadful qualifications too, depending on the nature of the chaos that reigns. Nonetheless, Chaos is Beirut’s middle name. And I guess, we, all very much, agree on that one. Beautiful or messed up, Chaos (yes, with a big C, mind you!) is always an interesting state to delve into and swing with, as we go on exploring its terrain or potential ramifications. The sharpest depiction of my chaotic-beloved Beirut has always been a tag that goes like this: “Crazy - Charmeuse - Chaotic Heyya Madinatee.” Even the language(s) we speak is as messed up as the country itself; an outspoken Chaos that is!

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